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Si Saket (province) Sights: Amphoe Khun Han
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Detail of wall, Wat Lan Khuad

Bottle-cap mural, Wat Lan Khuad
Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew (วัดป่ามหาเจดีย์แก้ว), more commonly known as Wat Lan Khuad (วัดล้านขวด, "Temple of a Million Bottles"), is a bizarre yet entirely serious Buddhist temple complex constructed entirely out of glass bottles. All the architecture is beautiful, particularly the pavilion called ‘Sala Thansmo Maha Chedikaew’ Ubosoth located mid of the pond. The ubosoth houses a very beautiful white jade Buddha image. Get there from Si Saket City on highway 211 and 2111 via Amphoe Payu and Prai Bung. The trip is 61 km, and it's a worthwhile detour if visiting Preah Vihear.
Tamnaksai Khmer Ruins (Tamchan Khmer Ruins) ปราสาทตำหนักไทร (ปราสาททามจาน) Located at Ban Tamnaksai, Tambon Bakdong, Tamnaksai Khmer Ruins has a single stupa on sandstone base. The brick stupa has rectangular shape and one real door at the east while the other three are fault doors with carved door frame on the brick. Two carved guardian lions are watching the gate. The front door has frame made of sandstone. The door once was decorated with carved lintel depicting the God Narai lying on naga, with Laksmi sitting at his feet, and Brahma rising from his navel. Both side of Brahma are hermit and a person in the frame. Now such lintel is kept in Pimai National Museum.
Namtok Samrong Kiat (Namtok Pisad) น้ำตกสำโรงเกียรติ (น้ำตกปีศาจ) The falls is situated at Ban Samrong Kiat, in Dongrak Wildlife Sanctuary. Originated from Kantung Mount in Bantad Range, the medium size waterfall turns vibrant from late rainy season to winter, or September to February. Visitor can admire the fall from the upper level first, until climbing down the trail, one can see falls cascading down the 8 metre-high cliff. How to get there: The falls is 81 km from Sisaket City. Use highway 2111, get off the main road at Amphoe Khun Harn and keep going for 20 km.
Namtok Huay Chan (Namtok Kantrom). น้ำตกห้วยจันทร์ (น้ำตกกันทรอม) Originated from Phu Salao Mount on Bantad Range, the waterfall cascades beautifully before meeting with Moon River. The falls is vibrant from September to Frebruary. With shady vegetable, around the waterfall is a nice place for picnic. How to get there: The waterfall is 24 km from Amphoe Khun Harn and 85 km from Sisaket City via highway 2236 (Kantrom-Ban Samrong Kiat).



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